Learn about the current political, cultural, economic, social, and religious trends pointing to the Imminent return of Christ to judge the living and the dead.


Trend # 1 - International Strife and War (Wars and Rumors of Wars) -


Trend # 2 - Famine, Pestilence/Pandemics, Human Crisis. -


Trend # 3 - Earthquakes and Natural Disasters. -


Trend # 4 - The emergence and rise of Global Government, Global Surveillance Grid, Global Economy, Global Religion and censorship. -


Trend # 5. - Exponential increase in knowledge, technology and Artificial Intelligence -


Trend # 6. - Human Augmentation and Gene Manipulation (The days of Noah). -


Trend # 7. - Dramatic cultural decline including an increase in lawlessness, attacks on the lives and innocence of children and lack of love.


Trend # 8. - The rebirth of the nation of Israel and the struggle for control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. -


Trend # 9. - The rise of Darwinian evolution/naturalism and mockery/denial of the fact that God created the heavens and the earth. -


Trend # 10. - The rejection and scoffing of the second coming of Christ and the final judgement of every human that is alive or has ever lived at the end of the age. -


Trend # 11 - Significant persecution/censorship of Christians along with many people falling away from Christ.


Trend # 12. - The rise of False Prophets and False Christ. -


Trend # 13 - The Rise of the “Man if Lawlessness” aka The Antichrists' -