Fifteen Macro Trends

1.   Scoffing and Mocking of God as Creator​

2.   Scoffing and Mocking of the return of Christ

3.   Increase in Severity and Frequency of Signs

4.   The rise of False Christ/Prophets

5. ​  International Strife and War

6.   Famine/Pestilence/Human Crisis

7.   Earthquakes/Natural Disasters/Climate Change

8.   Persecution of Christians​  

9.   Apostasy (Falling away from Biblical Christianity)

10. Increase in Lawlessness and Lovelessness (Cruelty)

11. Global Government/Surveillance/Economy

12. Exponential Increase in Knowledge/Technology​

13. The Struggle for Israel and Jerusalem

14.  One world religion

15.  The rise of the Man of Lawlessness​ (aka The Antichrist)